Effective result of using blur photo background online


Add blur background to photos online by using photo editing tools. No more need to waste your energy and time because you can quickly make a photo background blur with one touch.

Our blur background tool transforms any image format and appropriately adjusts the picture's main figure. This AI tool fades away the unnecessary elements in the background and adds a blur effect to photo.


How to blur background from images online?

Only four steps are used to blur image backgrounds online free. These are:


Open blur background online

Open our AI tool to blur background free online. Then pick any image format you want to customize.


Upload your picture

Upload your image on the blur background tool. You can directly drag or paste the URL of the picture that you want to change.


Select the linear or circular blur tool

To highlight the photo subject, select the linear or circular blur tool. You can also set the blur intensity 1% to 100% according to the subject size and press the apply button.


Download your image

Our tool is flexible and makes image background blur automatically. Download your picture blur background png format 100% free.

Benefits of using auto blur background maker

The blur background image looks appropriate and pretty good. The blur pic background tool is user-friendly due to its easy to understand and simple instructions. It benefits you to create a deep focus and cover up distractions in the background. Let's see how amazingly it gives you an option to set the direction and the pattern of the blur effect.

Add blur effect to photo with “circular blur tool”

Blur background filter gives a circular tool that creates proper attention to the prominent figure of the picture. It is a common technique that outlines the main object and adds up a deep focus.

  • You can easily drag the circular blur tool to adjust the main area.
  • It gives an appropriate blur background in a second.
  • It creates a precise look by blur background jpg.
 cat Responsive image
shoes Responsive image

Add blur effect to background using “linear blur tool”

The linear blur tool is a horizontal block from which you can easily set the direction of the unwanted area. So there is no need to use specific techniques and lenses because the blur image background online benefits you with this effect in a few seconds.

  • A simple click on a linear blur tool sets the main object's direction.
  • It modifies everything and blurs the background in image.
  • It perfectly spotlights the picture with a single click.

Apply blur background high resolution to highlight blur intensity

Our online tool enables you to set the maximum blur intensity. The blur background in picture removes the undesired distractions and reshapes the simple picture into a more appealing one. A simple key to enhancing the beauty of the main object is the increase or decrease of blur intensity. It covers up the unwanted material, either small or big.

  • You can set the blur intensity from 0% to 100%.
  • Background blur image demonstrates the professional look.
  • Background blur image online creates depth in the main object.
glasses Responsive image
image Responsive image

Blur background of photo free for social media

The AI blur background filter gives you a new way to create incredible pictures by removing unwanted people and objects or blurring them greatly. It focuses sharply on the image and provides promotional opportunities for social media influencers. So, capture pictures anywhere and photoshop them easily for different purposes.

  • Background blur picture automatically blurs the unnecessary elements.
  • It saves time and energy to blur backgrounds from photo manually.
  • It gives free access to blur your background photo unlimitedly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How does an AI-automatic blur background picture work?

The online AI automatic blur background in photo recognizes the main object and blurs the unwanted material from the backside. It gives a linear or circular blur tool that automatically extracts the picture and gives deep attention in a couple of seconds. It is an advanced technological tool that reshapes a simple image into an extraordinary one.


Why do people like blurred photos?

Simple pictures may have tiny elements or objects from which people get distracted. The blur pic background maintains the focal attention and fades the unnecessary distractions. So the blur image background visually attracts people who love this feature.


How can I blur a photo background online from different devices?

Using the blur background tool from any device is a great opportunity. Our tool supports all types of photo dimensions and gives the exact results. It is quite simple to find the blur photo background online free and pick the picture you want to change. Then upload and select a linear or circular tool for processing. And you can easily download your final blur background of the photo iphone, android, mac, Linux, iOS and from different devices.


How can I blur picture background online for free?

Use our blur pic background online free tool. Upload or directly drag the photo on it. Select the blur tool, either linear or circular. Set the blur density according to your object size. Then click on a button. It automatically outlines the main object and gives you a precise, HD quality image for your use.


Do I require specific skills or lenses to add a blur effect to the background?

No, there is no need for specific skills or lenses that add a blurry effect to a picture. Our tool is automatically designed to make a blurred background by increasing or decreasing the blur density. Many manufacturers offer this blurring feature in a reasonable amount, but our tool is free to use for anyone out there.


Is the background blur online free available?

Yes, our AI background blur tool is free for everyone. It enhances the main object's visibility and distracts the undesired material from the picture. You can easily use this tool for your e-shops, e-sales, product promotion, branding, and ideal looks without spending much on photoshop.


Is my photo secure which I use for blurring background?

Yes, your picture is totally secure if you are using this tool to blur its background. Images are automatically deleted from our servers after 12 hours.


Can I edit my photos after blurring their background?

Yes, you can edit your images after blurring their background. You can add a white background to an image or different colors, solid backgrounds and objects on this website background-remover.net.