How to remove image background in Google Slides

Follow simple guide to remove the background from a picture using Google Slides. Learn the importance and exact usage of built in tool in Google Slides.

By Brian Dean- publish on march 08, 2023

Do you find it difficult to remove the background of a photo using slow and hard to use photo editing software?

Well, do not worry more! Google offers the "Remove Background" tool from Google Slide to solve this problem. It gives unlimited trials to make your images visually appealing and efficient. 

Simple action on Google Slides will allow you to create, edit, change and convert the pictures. You can simply make your images according to your need with a transparent background or a color. 

If you want to remove the background of a photo then keep reading for more information. 

Importance of built-in "Remove Background" tool in Google slides

Google Slides has a built-in tool, "Remove Background," to remove complex backgrounds from pictures. This tool uses an AI system to detect the minute edges of the subject and separate it from the background. 

It allows you to adjust the picture to edit, customize, create and change the background. The tool works fast and efficiently to make a huge difference in the pictures. 

Additional benefits of using the Remove Background in Google Slide are:

  • User friendly
  • Time consuming
  • Automatically recognize the unwanted background
  • No need of prior experience to remove the background
  • Allows to edit pictures quickly
  • Remove complex edges in a second
  • Ensure consistency in the edited picture
  • Maintains the quality of the picture
  • Improve productivity after removing the background
  • Do not need to charge expertise for background removal

Above mentioned points are important for removing the image's background in Google Slides. Finding a removal background tool to remove the background of a picture is not a difficult task. Anybody can do it to make their images clear and more appealing.

How can you remove background from a picture in Google Slides?

Removing the background from a photo is becoming easy to do. Google slides offer you to make your pictures distraction-free, uninterrupted and more focused. 

To access the remove background tool in Google Slide, here are simple steps to follow:

  • Open a file in "Google Slides"
  • Select the picture
  • Go to slide option
  • Click on menu
  • Select the "Remove Background"
  • Adjust the background area
  • Click on the "Apply" button
  • Click on close to return your Google Slide

1. Open a file in "Google Slides"

Open Google Slides on your system and click on the file to create a new one. For this case, upload the document into the file and open it. Then upload the document in the new pop-up window.

2. Select the picture

After creating the new file, double click on the image that you want to select for background removal.

3. Go to slide option

Access the slide button through the above mentioned toolbar or go to the image options button to select the tool. 

4. Click on the menu

On the top right corner of the screen, a menu bar appears. Go to the menu and scroll for different options to edit the picture.

5. Select the "Remove Background"

After clicking the menu on the toolbar, go to the option "Remove Background" and select it.

6. Adjust the background area

When the tool automatically puts a pink mask on the background, you are free to make further adjustments. For this purpose, select the given two options, such as:

Mark areas to remove: This option helps you manually select the areas you want to remove in the picture.

Mark areas to keep: This option helps you select the area you want to keep in your picture.

7. Click on the "Apply" button

When you make changes in your picture, move toward the "Apply" button. Click on the apply button to save the changes. At this point, you can "Preview" the picture before saving it.

8. Click on close to return your Google Slide

When you are satisfied with final results, click the close button to return. The image is now changed, and you can use it for further purposes.

How to manually remove the background from a picture in Google Slides?

Remove background offers you a manual option to trim and fix the picture's background. Here is a detailed step guide to manually remove the background of a picture. Which are:

  • Open Google Slide on your computer or system.
  • Insert picture.
  • Select the image that you want to edit.
  • Click on the image options in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Select the "Adjustment" tool from the menu.
  • Click on the "Transparency" option that appears under adjustment.
  • Use the slider to adjust the transparency of the image.
  • Background automatically becomes transparent. If it needs more changes, click the "Remove Background" option from the menu.
  • Use another tool to change the background manually. Two of the most important tools in manual options are to keep or remove the changes from the picture.
  • Click on "Apply" to make the final changes.
  • Save the image by clicking the "Save as" or "Download" button in the Google Slides.

When you learn how to remove the background of a picture in Google Slide, you can make the manual changes. Above mentioned steps are quite convenient to use and give professional results.

Tips for using Google Slides effectively for background removal

Google Slides offers the best tool for free conversion of pictures for presentation. Here are some additional tips to efficiently use the remove background tool.

These tips are:

  • Choose the high quality image for editing because it gives you the best results.
  • Use zoom-in and out mode during selecting the area to remove the background from a picture.
  • Must preview the results of the picture before finalizing the changes.
  • Use different settings to highlight the main figure. There are more tools to set the brightness, transparency, contrast and theme.
  • Be patient in removing the background from a picture and take your full time to do changes.
  • Feel free to do manual changes to maintain consistency after subject extraction.
  • The rough edges need this option to create a fineness in the picture.
  • Save your image in a PNG file, because this format supports a transparent background.

All these tips are easy and help you enhance the image quality. If you follow these tips, it removes the complex background of your pictures within a few seconds.

Common errors in removing the background from a picture in Google Slides

Google slide is not responsible for giving accurate results for the "Remove Background" tool. There might be some common errors that you must be aware of. 

Common reasons that encounter the progress of Google Slide are:

  • Inaccurate selection of the picture. 
  • It may never detect the overall image.
  • Rough edges appear in the final result.
  • Sometimes it may never give natural editing results. For example, the foreground figure does not smooth or smudge with the transparent background. 
  • May never recognize the details of the subject or may accidentally remove any part.
  • You may never save the changes in removing the background.

To avoid these common problems, carefully select the picture for background removal. You can also use the online tool "" which is error free. This tool is user-friendly and gives you accurate results compared to professional images. 

Background remover also helps you to save significant time by removing the background. Use this tool to achieve the standards of good quality images and make your pictures more captivating.

Final Thoughts

Want to add background free images in Google Slides presentation? Yes it is possible to insert background free images in slide presentations. "Remove Background" is easy and quite interesting for background removal. 

You do not need to use third party tools. In this guide the common features, errors and tips are also discussed. It will help you to understand the basics of the "Remove Background" tool. Step-by-step process teaches you the essentials of using background removal. 

Using AI tools for removing the background of a picture is not a difficult job. It assists you with simple instructions and guidelines which are easy to understand. Online tools also prevent you from spending much money on professional tools. 

Google Slides make your images more professional, crystal clear and high in quality. I hope this information is enough to know the complete process of the Remove Background tool. With a little practice on Google Slides, you can become an expert in removing the background. 

Let's try it and see how beautifully you can modify your pictures.