How to remove the picture background in PowerPoint

Remove the background of a picture in PowerPoint free of cost. Select your picture, use multiple editing options to remove solid and complex backgrounds.

By Brian Dean- publish on march 08, 2023

If you are wondering how to remove the background of a picture in PowerPoint, then this is the best guide for you. Whatever your reason to remove the background from a photo, PowerPoint makes it easy for you. 

We are here to provide you with a step-by-step process that is easy to follow. You do not need any professional tool or specialized software to remove background. Because PowerPoint is the most suitable option for it. 

It adds visual effects in the presentation for professionals. Many researchers, performers, and students also remove background from pictures to communicate precisely. Generally, PowerPoint is an accessible solution that everyone can use. 

PowerPoint allows you to undo your images with a simple trick and enables you to do more editing. Stay connected with this concise and accurate information to get better results. It truly helps you to fine-tune your pictures and create stunning results. 

Let's learn more about using PowerPoint to remove the picture's background.

Benefits of removing the background from a picture in PowerPoint

Removing the background from a picture adds uniqueness to the presentation. PowerPoint is a versatile tool that creates effective visuals in complex images. 

The presentations are the source of communicating ideas, proposals, reports and other information. PowerPoint benefits many people in adding creativity to their pictures. 

Various other benefits of removing the background in PowerPoint are:

  • Easy to use.
  • Available free of cost.
  • It offers many tools and other ways to edit pictures.
  • You can use your images instead of taking them from the stock.
  • Use the edited pictures directly in the slide presentation.
  • Highlight the subject and put a great emphasis on the main figure.
  • Prominent the important subject in the slide presentation.
  • Create consistency in the picture and add cohesiveness.
  • Improves the readability of the image.
  • Create custom visuals of the image that represents the presentation's design and theme.
  • Powerpoint saves time as compared to manual editing. 

Powerpoint is the best option to engage the audience's attention. Generally, a little practice will allow you to play professionally with your images. It makes your images more pleasing and interactive, which helps in efficient communication.

How to remove the background of a picture in PowerPoint?

Generally, removing the background from a picture in PowerPoint facilitates many editing options. 

Regardless of any problem, you can instantly remove the unnecessary background in PowerPoint. Our major focus is eliminating distractions and making pictures visually captivating for presentation. 

Usually, a picture is composed of two types of backgrounds:

  • Solid background
  • Complex background

1. Solid background

The solid background of a picture consists of a single color or gradients. It allows the main content to slide and is helpful in the representation of clean visual designs. 

The "set transparent color tool" is best for solid backgrounds in powerpoint. "Solid fill" option from the picture format tab is best in removing the solid background.

2. Complex background

Complex background consists of many elements, such as various patterns, textures and images. This type of background creates more interest in the picture. 

Powerpoint gives an option of "Remove Background Tool," especially for complex backgrounds. Select the "picture or text fill" option from the picture format tab. It automatically overlays the complexity in the background and makes it more clear.

Let's see how you can remove the complicated and unwanted background via PowerPoint. A step by step instructions to follow on PowerPoint for the removal of background are:

  • Open PowerPoint
  • Tap on insert
  • Choose the picture that you want to edit
  • Insert the picture
  • Select the picture format tab
  • Click the "Remove Background" button
  • Opens the background removal tab
  • The tool automatically lays out the purple layer over the background
  • Use a stylus or straight lines to "Mark the areas for removal."
  • Refine the areas that you want to remove
  • Remove the purple overlay by marking the areas that you want to keep.
  • Preview the picture and make adjustments if needed.
  • Click on "Keep Changes" in the background removal tab.
  • Apply the changes, and the PowerPoint removes the unwanted background within seconds.

Above-mentioned steps are easy to follow for removing the background from an image. It unlocks the full potential of your photo and transforms it into a more representable form. 

Once you are satisfied with the edited image, save it directly into the slides in powerpoint.

How to undo background removal in PowerPoint?

Powerpoint allows you to undo the picture background if you are unhappy with the results. It is also known as resetting the image. 

Let's know how you can undo the background of a picture in PowerPoint:

  • Select the edited image from which you removed the background.
  • Go to the PowerPoint ribbon and click on the "Picture Format Button.
  • Go to the right slide of the screen and see the reset button. 
  • Choose the reset option from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the option that resets the formatting of your image.
  • Click on reset option, undo brings the picture in its original position.

The undoing of the background removes all the changes that you have done. It recovers the formatting, resizing or removal of unwanted material from the background. 

It benefits you to give more options for picture editing in PowerPoint. It's a simple process to navigate the picture and transform it according to your choice.

Additional information: PowerPoint is a versatile tool and convenient for everyone. Another online tool is the optimal choice to transform your images. It is an ideal option to remove the background for more impactful results instantly.


Powerpoint is a professional editing software to remove the background of a picture. Removing the background via PowerPoint enhances the visual appearance of the presentation. 

Using PowerPoint in a standard way is a skill that people need to become more familiar with. But with proper guidance and knowledge, you will become a master of it. You can avail this opportunity and swipe your picture with the transparent background. 

Advanced feature of undoing all changes is also available in PowerPoint. It recovers the original file and gives you more customizing options for background. Above mentioned steps help you to edit and remove the background easily. 

Following these steps, you can quickly remove the unwanted material from the picture. An easy-to-follow process in PowerPoint makes you master creating background-free images. 

Let's say goodbye to distracting backgrounds by removing them in PowerPoint.